Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just Another Party!

My book launch party on June 14th went so well that I decided to do another one! The opportunity came for me to visit my hometown of Henderson, Nevada over the fourth of July weekend. And it has been too long since I have ventured down south. I can't remember the last time I visited Henderson. All I know is that it was a few kids ago (sometimes the amount of children is the only was I can decipher time periods nowadays). 

I am really excited to get back and catch up with old friends and see people who have been an example to me growing up. And what better way to get together than to throw a book party! I am still trying to get over the nervousness and the more than slight awkwardness that I feel when I throw myself a party, but I will survive.

During my first Launch Party I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who came out to show their support. There were more people than I had expected, which was a pleasant surprise. And now that a handful of those people have finished my book, I am getting to hear their thoughts on Going Home, and it is surreal. I am grateful for those people's comments and feedback. It makes all the work this past year worthwhile.

I believe that this second party will be just as great as the first!

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