Monday, July 29, 2013

Wishing For More Time!

There are not enough hours in the day! Somehow I am feeling overwhelmed today. I look at some other women and mothers that I know, heck, I even read about fellow authors and how they keep a strict writing regiment and I feel completely inadequate. I am lucky if I get a shower some days!

I sleep in too late most mornings because my husband and I stay up way too late watching 'Big Brother' or 'The Bachelorette' (yes, I sometimes make him watch it with me), and I stay in bed most mornings until I have four children screaming at me to feed them. I try to be the "Poster Mom" but seem to miserably fail on a daily basis. Each night I make up for it with a renewed ambition, and make promises of a clean slate and a new start as soon as the sun rises.

Unfortunately I didn't roll out of bed until eight thirty this morning. By then the kids had already decided to play with every single toy they have ever owned ... and I mean EVERY SINGLE TOY! I tried starting my son Stephen's weekly piano lesson, when my eighteen month old decided she was going to also play the piano and pound on all of the keys she could reach. It was either listening to the not-so-melodic composition of my toddler or listening to her scream as I tried to restrain her. At least my son was a good sport. It will be a miracle if he ever learns to play.

And those two are my easy ones. Don't even get me started on my five and three year old girls. My five year old, Taylor, was born difficult and I think I may have started coming to terms with it, though it doesn't give me any comfort. And my three year old, Payton, has catapulted herself into the "terrifying three's" (the terrible two's hold nothing on the terrifying three's ... new mom's BEWARE!)

Potty training is going horribly, so far this week we have had at least three accidents and had to throw away an unsalvageable pair of underwear (if you get my drift). I swear my older two weren't this difficult. Or maybe they were and I developed selective amnesia (phenomenons like that don't surprise me anymore after having kids).

I just don't have time to do it all ... my growing pins on my 'Things to Do' board on Pinterest is a testament to my lack of time. And on top of trying to survive my day with four kids I need to also find time to write more novels and market my finished book? Where did all of my time go?

My mom used to say how she would wish time could just freeze ... along with us six kids ... so she could actually get some things done.

I guess it's just payback. And right now her wish has never rang more true.

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