Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Dream

I have this amazing story in my head. 

I need to tell it. I need to write it down.  My mind is filled with these unique, one of a kind characters who have their own lives, who make mistakes, who laugh, cry, love, and have a story to tell.  I want to tell their story.  I feel like I was inspired to write this novel.

One day I was walking to the park with my two year old son and newborn daughter, and this fictional plot started building in my head.  The more I thought about it the more excited I got.  Most people who know me wouldn't be surprised to hear that ever since I was a young girl I wanted to write. I would write plays, short stories, and write faithfully in my journal.  I wanted to be the youngest person to be published (needless to say, that didn't happen), however I was and am still focused on accomplishing my goal of writing young adult fiction. 

This blog will be my outlet where I can share my triumphs and (hopefully few) defeats as I start writing.  I am new at this and realize I may not fully comprehend the road that is ahead of me, but I will find out soon enough.  By starting this blog I am, in a way, forcing myself not to give up, it is not an option.  How can I allow myself not to accomplish my dream?  It will be hard to disappoint myself, it will be even harder to disappoint my friends, family, and people I have never met.   

This story means a lot to me, and I can honestly say that it will be the most important novel I will ever write.  I owe it to somebody very important in my life, it is whom the novel will be dedicated to.  I truly feel that writing it will change my life, I would like to also believe that those who read it will experience something magical.


  1. wow is all I can say! you have always been a hero to me,and someone I look up to! you are such a go getter and I, since I was a little girl, have wanted more then ANYTHING... to be just like you! You inspire me to be a better person and to follow my dreams. You can and will get this novel published, and I cant wait to be able to read it! you will touch many lives... just like the ones you have already touched. I love you and am proud to be your little sister!

  2. Oh yes oh yes, The awesome plays... that i half time didnt want to be in but where very nicely planned out... Love you big sis

  3. I am super excited to follow you on your journey! Let the story begin :)

  4. Jamie I know that you will accomplish this goal and all the other goals you put you mind too. You deserve to succeed and I will be there to cheer you on and encourage you. I can't wait to read your novel and help promote it any way I can.
    I love your cute blog!!